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Steel Framing

Designing a home is an immense challenge, where every detail matters, from the structural components you select to those supporting and holding up the roof. Rafters have stood the test of time, providing vaulted ceilings and an enduring appeal. However, because roof rafters can be costly, people have sought a more budget-friendly alternative. Enter trusses, which are prefabricated webbed units.
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Builders today are building for the future. We're in an era where innovation and sustainability must meet face-to-face. That's why choosing the best materials and using innovative construction techniques have become more important than ever. Light gauge steel frames, for many builders, are a game-changer. The design is sleek and precise whilst staying environmentally friendly.
Steel frames provide a strong, durable support structure capable of withstanding heavy loads and environmental conditions. They are often used in high-rise buildings, as they provide excellent stability and strength while still being lightweight. They can also be custom fabricated to fit design needs or aesthetic preferences. Here are ten benefits of using steel in construction over other materials.
If steel frames and timber frames were locked in combat, which do you think would reign victorious? Would it be the veteran "timber," which has been a trusted choice for a long time? Or would the winner be the new kid on the block, "steel," known for being durable and strong? This blog will help you see what would happen in that showdown of strength, stability, and reliability between steel and timber frames.