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What Are Steel Roof and Ceiling Battens?

Steel roof and ceiling battens are lightweight yet robust. These steel profiles are ideal for various roof cladding profile, including metal sheets. Reliable and durable, steel roof and ceiling battens are excellent for securing ceiling finishes and plasterboards in interior spaces. Steel Frames WA are the preferred supplier of steel construction solutions. Gain the true benefits of steel, including more resiliency, longer-lasting, and sustainability, when you order your steel frames from us. Get your quote today!

Benefits of Steel Roof and Ceiling Battens

Why Choose Our Solutions

Steel roof and ceiling battens have become an essential component in almost any modern construction. The shift towards steel battens has gained momentum, thanks to their numerous advantages over timber alternatives. From increased strength to long-term durability, steel battens are the superior choice.

At Steel Frames WA, we have been working with steel, with a great focus on modular constructions, for more than 50 years. Our expertise and experience, along with competitive pricing and timely delivery, make us the top steel products supplier in Perth.

Our Roof and Ceiling Battens Are Ideal for

Prefabricated and modular structures
Commercial roofing
granny flats
Residential Roofing
Retrofit roofing, renovations and other custom projects


All of our steel roof and ceiling battens are lightweight and flexible yet incredibly strong, making them the favoured option for builders across the WA. Our battens are prefabricated and easily transported and installed.

Like all of Steel Frames WA’s steel solutions, our battens are 100% termite resistant, non-combustible, are completely recyclable and will resist rotting, warping, twisting, bowing, shrinking or settling over time.

Our Process

Here is our five-step seamless and stress-free ordering process for your steel roof and ceiling battens:
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Order Confirmation
  • Steel Battens Design
  • Steel Production
  • Product Delivery
Part of the planning process is to give you a cost estimate to help you determine your project's budget and financial feasibility.
Confirm that you will order your steel roof and ceiling battens from us by providing a payment deposit and signing a document agreement.
Designing your customised steel solution is crucial in ensuring the steel battens meet your project’s structural requirements.
Transforming raw steel to finished battens involves many stages, including cutting steel coils/sheets into the desired lengths and widths before feeding them through a roll-forming machine.
Finally, your steel roof and ceiling battens are complete. They will be packaged, loaded, and transported to your worksite on the agreed date.

About Steel Frames WA

Choosing a reputable steel frame supplier is integral to your project’s success. Steel Frames WA comprise a professional team with decades of experience in the industry. We offer versatile and easy-to-use steel battens, which can be lapped, so there’s no need to cut onsite. Our steel products are compatible with pierce-fix roofing profiles with return edges that provide rigidity and safety.

Steel Frames WA strive to deliver quality products that give your construction the benefits of steel, including high strength, low weight, and cost-efficiency.




Steel roof and ceiling battens are strong and durable, they won’t rot, shrink, twist or bend over time. They are non-combustible, termite resistant and recyclable making them an environmentally friendly solution. Our battens are prefabricated and easily transported and installed. They can be lapped, eliminating the need for on-site cutting, ensuring quick, easy and efficient installation.
Steel is a naturally tough metal. Steel roof and ceiling battens won’t shrink, twist or bend over time.
No, our steel is hot dipped in an aluminium, zinc, and magnesium alloy, Preventing rust from occurring.

Yes, we offer installation of steel battens, structural steel, steel frames and roof trusses.