by Steel Frames WA

What Are Steel Wall Frames?

Steel wall frames are prefabricated framing systems used in construction to form the structural walls of a building. Commonly used in both commercial and residential projects, they are lightweight, strong and durable.
If you’re searching for high-quality steel wall frames Perth engineered with precision, you’ve come to the right place. With our personalised approach, Steel Frames WA can produce steel framing products to suit complex requirements for your residential, commercial, industrial, and remote area construction.
Ensure a strong foundation that lasts. Give our team a call today for all your steel wall framing needs!

Benefits of Steel Wall Frames

Why Choose Our Solutions

Timber resources in Australia, although strictly regulated, face numerous challenges. The debate on whether the supply of quality timber diminishes is still ongoing, but steel is the alternative. They have slowly replaced wooden framing systems, especially in commercial construction.

Lightweight yet durable, our steel wall framing solutions are perfect for ceiling and drywall partitions. Our steel frames give you even more reasons to steer clear of wooden frames. Termite-free, non-combustible, and recyclable – pick Steel Frames WA.

Our Wall Frames Are Ideal for

Prefabricated and Modular Structures
Residential Homes And Sheds
granny flats
Offices and commercial buildings
Custom projects and more


Our lightweight wall frames are designed using advanced software to the highest-possible standard. They are precisely engineered for strength and performance, are pre-braced with no protrusions and come pre-punched with service holes, so no drilling is required.

Built to be the future of construction, each of our wall frames are 100% non-combustible, 100% termite proof, are completely recyclable and won’t rot, warp, twist, bow, shrink or settle over time.

Our Process

Do you need wall frames for your building? Follow our five-step process to order your framing today:

  • Specify
  • Design
  • Finalise Order
  • Production
  • Build

Give a detailed description of your requirements. It's helpful if you know the needed framing shapes and varieties, but you can always seek assistance from our pros.

Based on the specifics of your project, engineered drawings and layouts will be provided. We follow Australian standards to ensure your structure is compliant.

Once the design is complete, we will send it to you for review. All needed revisions will be performed in this step.
With the design approved, we move on to the manufacturing process, which involves steel cutting, assembling, and welding.

Your wall frames are complete and will be delivered to your construction site.

About Steel Frames WA

At Steel Frames WA, we believe that choosing the suitable material to frame your next construction project is of paramount importance. It can significantly reduce costs and time whilst improving output quality. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Steel Frames WA have seen the many benefits of steel frames. Unlike wood or brick, steel does not swell or expand when exposed to moisture. It does not shrink, warp, crack, or chip. With its high tensile strength, efficiency, and longevity, it is the construction material to beat.

Steel has become even more popular with panelisation, or the ability to assemble floors, walls, and roofs offsite in a controlled environment. Speed up your construction progress whilst ensuring better and sturdier results with steel wall framing from Steel Frames WA.




Steel framing are strong and durable, they won’t rot, shrink, twist or bend over time. They are non-combustible, termite resistant and recyclable making them an environmentally friendly solution. They are prefabricated off site, reducing the amount of on-site labour required, meaning your project can be constructed quickly and efficiently.

Steel is a naturally tough metal. Steel frames won’t shrink, twist or bend over time.

Yes, we offer installation of wall frames, structural steel, steel frames and roof trusses.

No, our steel is hot dipped in an aluminium, zinc, and magnesium alloy, Preventing rust from occurring.