Steel Frame Supplier
& Fabrication Broome

by Steel Frames WA


If you’re searching for complete steel frames supply and prefabrication solutions to deliver to Broome, you’ve come to the right place. At Steel Frames WA we supply, prefabricate and delivery complex framing solutions engineered to precision that suit complex requirements for remote projects in Broome.

Ensure a strong, future-proofed foundation for your project that lasts with WA’s premier steel frame suppliers. Call our team today and get your project started anywhere in WA.


Wall Frames

Precisely engineered for strength and performance, are pre-braced with no protrusions and come pre-punched with service holes, so no drilling is required.

Floor Joists

Usable with all typical flooring materials, and can easily accommodate any plumbing and electrical service for your building, making them perfect or any project.

Trusses by Steel Frames WA

Roof Trusses

Designed with advanced software and constructed to the highest standards to suit any architectural configuration. Lightweight in composition and can cover long spans.

Roof & Ceiling Battens

Lightweight, flexible yet incredibly strong. The favoured option for builders across WA. Our battens are also prefabricated and easily transported and installed.


The team behind Steel Frames WA have been building, assembling and pre-fabricating future proofed constructions across WA. From design, supply, fabrication and delivery, our team are experienced for all steps of the process to ensure your project is delivered properly.

We aim to provide a quality, and reliable solution for our clients. When you work with Steel Frames WA you can rest assured that your project is backed by an expert team with over 50 years of construction experience.



We design and engineer framing, cold-formed steel structures, structural steel and more with our state-of-the-art computer aided design software. With 3D modelling and CNC capabilities, we are able to design and engineer framing for even the most complex of specifications.

Each of our steel frames are 100% non-combustible, warp resistant, termite resistant, are completely recyclable and will not rot, twist, warp, bor shrink or settle over time. With high-quality framing and off-site prefabrication, we can help your project started quickly and efficiently while also maintaining high standards.

Our Process

Do you need steel framing for your project? Follow our five-step process to order your framing today:

  • Specify
  • Design
  • Finalise Order
  • Production
  • Build

Give a detailed description of your requirements. It's helpful if you know the needed framing shapes and varieties, but you can always seek assistance from our pros.

Based on the specifics of your project, engineered drawings and layouts will be provided. We follow Australian standards to ensure your structure is compliant.

Once the design is complete, we will send it to you for review. All needed revisions will be performed in this step.
With the design approved, we move on to the manufacturing process, which involves steel cutting, assembling, and welding.

Your steel frames are complete and will be delivered to your construction site.

About Steel Frames WA

At Steel frames WA, we provide future-proofed solutions that boasts high quality and reliability. All our steel framing solutions are designed and engineered with the following core concepts: ease of installation, safety, durability, and low maintenance. With these values in mind, we are able to provide unmatched services to our clients for anything framing and structured steel.

Covering all remote areas of WA including Broome, we have been contracted to and have worked with some of the biggest mining and civil projects such as Fortescue Metals Group, Iluka Resources and Rio Tinto. If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting, top-quality steel framing for a project in Broome, there is simply no one better than Steel Frames WA to create and supply.




Steel frames offer several benefits that make them a good investment in the long run for commercial construction. Here are some reasons why building with steel frames is a good investment:
  1. Cost-effective: Steel frames offer better long-term savings than timber due to their durability. They are also easier and safer to transport and move around than timber frames resulting in less costs in transportation.
  2. Low maintenance: Steel-framed buildings provide lower maintenance and repair costs. Steel frames are significantly lighter than their wood counterpart, which means less weight on the foundation and reduces the chance of costly foundation problems down the road.
  3. Sustainability: Steel frame building materials are long-lasting, which makes them more sustainable than other building materials. Fewer replacements mean less waste and a smaller ecological footprint.

As a rule of thumb, it takes around two days to provide a quote from the time you phone or email our friendly team ( If your project is urgent, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Our detailers are highly skilled and will build your project in 3D on  the screen before we manufacture your frames.