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Steel roof trusses are prefabricated systems of interconnected structural components used for supporting and distributing the load of a roof. Constructed with light gauge steel, these trusses have become a widely preferred option thanks to their strength and durability.

At Steel Frames WA, we have a dedicated team with years of industry experience. We offer customised solutions that meet even your most complex specifications. Give us a call or request a quote today!

Benefits of Steel Roof Trusses

Why Choose Our Solutions

Professional builders know the importance of selecting the right material for roof trusses. Whilst timber is also strong, it cannot beat steel’s durability and longevity. With proper treatment, steel is a material well suited to prevent insect infestation. Steel roof trusses are up to 40% lighter than timber, so they’re easier to transport and install.

At Steel Frames WA, we use advanced technology to engineer roof trusses that suit almost all roof cladding materials. With the accuracy and reliability of our trusses, your construction work is more efficient and cost-effective than ever.


Trusses by Steel Frames WA

Our Steel Roof Trusses are Ideal For

granny flats
Residential Homes and Sheds
Offices and Commercial Buildings
Custom Projects and More


Our roof trusses are designed with advanced software and constructed to the highest industry standards to suit any architectural configuration and project. They are also lightweight in composition, meaning they can cover long and clear roof spans and can be transported, lifted and installed with ease.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential, our roof trusses are unparalleled and are a termite resistant, non-combustible solution that won’t rot, warp, twist or shrink over time and are completely recyclable.

Our Process

Our process is made with quick turnaround, accuracy, and your satisfaction in mind:

  • Design
  • Approval
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery
Provide details, such as building dimensions, load-bearing capacity, and roof pitch. We use CAD and structural analysis software to generate a detailed truss design that meets your project’s specifications.
We’ll present our truss design for you to review. Some edits may be required. Once approved, the job will be immediately put into production.

Onto the exciting part: the production. They will be manufactured on our advanced roll-forming machines after cutting and shaping according to the design specifications.

After they are produced, they will be transported to the construction site.

About Steel Frames WA

Steel Frames WA comprise professionals with over 50 years of industry experience, specifically in building modular, steel-framed products. This experience provides us with an understanding of every client’s needs, allowing us to deliver quality-controlled steel products that are correct the first time.

With an innovative, forward-thinking team, our company has become one of the premier choices of steelwork suppliers in all of Western Australia. It has become our steadfast mission to provide the construction industry with fast, reliable, and efficient framing systems designed to meet domestic and commercial building




Steel roof trusses last longer than timber trusses and don’t require ongoing maintenance, they won’t rot, shrink, twist or bend over time. They are non-combustible, termite resistant and recyclable making them an environmentally friendly solution.

Yes, steel has a high strength-weight-ratio making steel roof trusses a strong and durable solution.

A steel roof truss has a lifespan of 50 plus+ years.

Yes, we offer installation of roof trusses, structural steel, and steel frames.

No, our steel is hot dipped in an aluminium, zinc, and magnesium alloy, Preventing rust from occurring.

Our trusses are customisable to any architectural configuration. Regardless of size, shape or site limitations of your roof, steel trusses can be customised to suite your project.