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Steel frames make an excellent backbone for any house due to their characteristics like their strength, long-lasting durability and flexibility.

If you’re looking for steel frames to build your next residential property, you’ve come to the right place. Steel Frames WA can design, supply, prefabricate and install house framing solutions to suit any configuration for your project.

Ensure a strong, future-proofed foundation that lasts with WA’s premier framing supplier. Call our team today and get your project started anywhere in WA.


Why Choose Our Solutions

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, the team behind Steel Frames WA has been building steel framed housing, modular and prefabricated kit home buildings across WA. From design, supply, fabrication and assembly of steel frames for commercial structures, we will ensure your project stands the test of time.

We have the capability to provide a reliable, all-inclusive solutions to your needs. Our house frames are all designed and produced using our own state of the art equipment and software, meaning you don’t have to rely on external suppliers. In addition to our prefabrication and install capabilities, this gives us the ability to provide a cost-effective solution that minimises risk and maximises efficiency. This way, we can support you across all stages of your residential project.



We design our lightweight house frames using advanced software and constructed to the highest-possible standard to suit your needs. Using CNC capabilities and 3D modelling, we can design framing and structural steel for the exact specifications of your project with precision. In addition, our half a century of experience in WA-wide construction means we can assist you throughout your project.

Our high quality frames ensure a 100% non-combustible, termite, warp resistant, recyclable housing foundation that will not rot, warp, twist, bow, shrink or settle over time. With off-site prefabrication and installation services for Perth projects, we can help your construction get started quickly and efficiently in addition to maintaining high standards.

Our Process

Do you need house frames for your project? Follow our five-step process to order your framing today:

  • Specify
  • Design
  • Finalise Order
  • Production
  • Build

Give a detailed description of your requirements. It's helpful if you know the needed framing shapes and varieties, but you can always seek assistance from our pros.

Based on the specifics of your project, engineered drawings and layouts will be provided. We follow Australian standards to ensure your structure is compliant.

Once the design is complete, we will send it to you for review. All needed revisions will be performed in this step.
With the design approved, we move on to the manufacturing process, which involves steel cutting, assembling, and welding.

Your wall frames are complete and will be delivered to your construction site.

About Steel Frames WA

At Steel Frames WA, we provide future-proofed solutions that boasts high quality and reliability. Backed by half a century of building expertise and experience in WA, you can have confidence knowing your project is backed by WA’s leading experts.

Our team is your all-in-one solution to anything steel frames related. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective yet high quality solutions with exceptional customer service. With our streamlined supply chain, high quality materials and expertise we are Western Australia’s premier framing supplier for house builders for a reason.




Steel frames offer superior durability, strength, and resistance to pests and decay. They are more sustainable and can lead to quicker construction times, potentially reducing overall costs.

A steel frame’s longevity and low maintenance costs provide long-term savings compared to timber. They are less susceptible to damage, reducing repair and replacement costs.

Yes, steel is highly recyclable, contributes to less construction waste, and when combined with efficient designs, enhances energy efficiency, making steel frame houses a more sustainable choice.

Absolutely. Steel frames offer flexibility in design, allowing for customisation to meet diverse architectural styles and personal preferences.

Steel frames excel in extreme weather, offering enhanced resistance to earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires, ensuring greater safety and structural integrity.

To begin, contact us for a consultation. We’ll guide you through the process, from design to completion, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.